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Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban MID Semester Bahasa Inggris MA Kelas 11.

“Change money” means …

A. uang untuk membeli

B. uang kembalian

C. uang gelap

D. uang mainan


“Cashier machine” means …

A. penjaga kasir

B. pencuri kasir

C. montir kasir

D. mesin kasir


Olanda : Are you feeling sick?

Tartila : Yes, I’m little bit cold

Olanda : Look over there! Is it Aris???

Tartila : Where is that?? Oh my God, he looks cute with that hoodie. How a perfect boy!

Olanda : Arghhh…it means that you’re not sick today. You’re fooling me!!

From the dialogue, the expression of “showing admiration” is ….

A. are you feeling sick?

B. yes, I’m cold

C. how a perfect boy!!

D. you’re fooling me!!


Shopkeeper means …

A. berbelanja

B. penjaga toko

C. penjual bahan

D. pelanggan


Shopper : Excuse me, sir. Do you have any kinds of apple?

Shopkeeper : Yes, we do. It’s fuji apple, those are Malang apples, apple from Madiun, apple from China, and this is an American one. Which one do you like?

Shopper : Lemme buy three kilograms of Malang apples. It sounds yummy

Shopkeeper : Fantastic! I’ll wrap it. How about the snakefruit? And this dragonfruit. It’s new arrival this morning. Fresh and sweet, miss!

Shopper : No,thanks. I only like this apple. How much?

Shopkeeper : This is your prescription. You may come to the cashier over there

Shopper : Okay. Thanks

Shopkeeper : Come back later on

From the dialogue, which statement is TRUE …

A. shopper buys many kinds of fruit there

B. shopper buys three miligrams of apple

C. shopkeeper didn’t offer other fruits to the shopper

D. shopkeeper serves the shopper well and friendly


Husband: Wait, wait. Why are you rushing so much? We can take our time and going slowly, no need to rush.

Wife: No, we really need to rush. That shop over there give 20% discount for vegetables and other groceries, so we must hurry or we won’t get any.

Husband: Really? That’s a big discount!

Wife: That’s what I’m saying! That shop only give discount for today, and people already know about it so they’re literally running there. We don’t have any time to chat like this!

Husband: Okay, okay. But after going there, we will eat, right? I’m starting to hungry now.

Wife: No, not yet. We need go to clothing shop to buy new shirt for your work. They’re giving promo today, buy 1 get 1. It is a good deal and we will save money.

Husband: What? So when are we going to eat?

Wife: It’s not the time for it now! Hurry up, there are more people coming to that shop right now!

We can infere from the dialogue that the dialogue is about ….. in the shop.

A. discount overwhelming

B. things on sale

C. expensive things


Buyer : How much does it cost?

Seller : 5 thousand rupiahs

Buyer : It is too expensive for a kile

Seller : Three thousand, you may

Buyer : No!! Can I get for one thousand?

Seller : Come to another greengrocer, mam

Buyer : Okay, I’ll do

From the dialogue, the word “EXPENSIVE” means …

A. murah

B. mahal

C. tidak mahal

D. terjangkau


“Trolley” means …

A. kereta dorong belanjaan

B. keranjang belanjaan

C. mesin kasir

D. uang kembalian


The best admiration is …

A. how funny is it!!

B. how oily is it!!

C. how soft is it!!

D. how dangerous is it!!


In expressing admiration, we can use the question marks ….

A. what, why

B. what, how

C. who, when

D. when, where

E. how, whose


The best admiration expression for this thing, is ….

A. what a sweet dessert!!

B. how dirty the snacks are!!

C. what a yummy snack!!

D. how pale is it!!


Sindy: Ayu, which one do you think is better between these two headbands?

Ayu: I think the white one is more suitable for you to use.

Sindy: Is that so? But the yellow one also pretty, it kinda has cheerful vibe.

Ayu: But white is a neutral color, so you can match it with any clothes easily. If the yellow one, you need to wear clothes that has same or at least similar color.

Sindy: Well, you’re right about it. Okay then, I will buy the white headband.

From the dialogue, Sindy will probably …

A. buy a yellow headband

B. buy a white headband

C. don’t buy anything

D. buy both headbands


Rachel : Look what I’ve got here!

Hasmaww : Uhmmm what kind of thing is it?

Rachel : It is a gift for my uncle. Today is his birthday. I will give it to him

Hasmaww : Can you please open the box? I want to see what thing is your gift for him?

Rachel : Taraaaa…. This is the gift

Hasmaww : Wowww!! How creative you are!! You made this?

Rachel : Yes, I did. I made it by myself. What do you think?

Hasmaww : It’s unique, sweet, and cool at the same time. I think he must love this gift

From the dialogue, which statement is TRUE …

A. Hasmaw wants to give a gift for her uncle

B. Rachel asks Hasmaww to buy his gift for her uncle

C. Rachel amazes on the gift and thinks it is a sweet one

D. Hasmaww admires Rachel


Safit : Who did this for us?

Subih : I don’t truly know

Safit : Our class is very clean and tidy. The chairs are well-arranged. The floors are shining this morning, and the board welcomes us happily. I like it!!

Subih : Yes, it is. I guess someone with full of affection did it for our class

Safit : But who??? It’s not me

Subih : No matter what, who she or he is. I think he or she is the kindest person. What a kindest person!!!

Safit : Yes. May Allah bless her or him

From the dialogue, Safit ….

A. cleaned the classroom

B. thinks that the person is rude

C. thinks the classroom messy, and the chairs are broken

D. amazes her clean classroom with person who did it


“Admiration” means….

A. Kesayangan

B. Kedukaan

C. Kebahagiaan

D. Kekaguman

E. Kepercayaan


Pasha : How full is your trolley today! It’s rare for me.

Ziqri : Yes. I’m shoppaholic today

Pasha : You purchased some dairy products and chocolate, aren’t you afraid for being fatter? You’re like a giant now.

Ziqri : I can’t hold myself to eat them. It enchants me anymore

Pasha : I suggest you a dietary one. Buy this supplement or this cereal

Ziqri : Oatmeal??? Iuhhh…

From the dialogue, we know that …

A. Ziqri buys healthy foods

B. Pasha recommends dietary products for Ziqri

C. Ziqri does not like chocolate flavors

D. Pasha’s trolley is full of things to buy


“Price Tag” means …

A. daftar belanja

B. label harga

C. kualitas produk

D. potongan harga


When you admire someone or something, in other case you feel ….

A. sad

B. sorrowful

C. painful

D. surprised

E. sick


Below are expressions of “showing admiration” , EXCEPT …..

A. wow!!

B. that’s amazing!

C. you’re welcome

D. how beautiful she is!

E. what a dazzling place!


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