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Latihan soal dan kunci jawaban Remedial PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10.

Girl : Did you attend the dance competition yesterday ?

Boy : Yes, I did.

Girl : How was the result ?

Boy : I won.

Girl : Wow, that’s great ! Congratulations !

Boy : Thank you.

What is the topic of conversation ?

A. Greeting a friend

B. Compliment a friend

C. Welcoming a friend

D. Expressing gratitude

E. Congratulating a friend


Gibran : Look! My father gave me a new shoe.

Mina : Wow! That’s beautiful

Gibran : . . . . . .

A. It’s worst

B. Sorry

C. I don’t care

D. Thanks


This building is so expensive for ___ . We can’t pay such a high rent. We need to think again.

A. them

B. her

C. us

D. it

E. him


I have studied English for 9 years.

this is the kind of …
A. simple present

B. simple past

C. present perfect

D. present continous

E. future tense


Maria: Mom, finally I won the music contest

Mother : …
A. It’s usual thing

B. You must be better next time

C. I’m proud of you

D. Thank you


I …. my homework last week

A. do

B. did

C. have done

D. doing

E. does


He is the winner of competition. What would you say as his friend ?

A. Congratulations on your wedding!

B. Congratulations on your graduation!

C. Fantastic ! Well done !

D. Congratulations on your promotion!


David : “Hi… how do you do?”

Martin : “………”

Complete these dialogue!

A. How do you do

B. Isn’t nice day?

C. I’m fine, and you?

D. I’m happy, how about you?


In spite of her friends’ complaints, he decided to live with ___ girl friend in Los Angeles.

A. him

B. her

C. his

D. our

E. us


Dear Mariana,

Hello my best friend, I will have a party for celebrating my graduation. It will begin on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at 8 PM. It will be held at Mang Engking restaurant at Summarecon, Marga Mulya, Bekasi. I do hope that you can come together with the other friends praying for my graduation. See you!

Regrets only, 081 234 471 490

Yours sincerely,


Who is invited to the birthday party?

A. Mang Engking

B. Bellinda

C. Mariana

D. Bekasi


Rendy : Bob, ……… to my classmate, Tom?

Bobby : With pleasure.

Rendy : Tom, this is Bobby, my close friend.

Tom : Hi, nice to meet you, Bob.

Bobby : Glad to meet you, Tom.

A. do you know

B. have you known

C. may I introduce you

D. have you seen


We _________________ this movie already.

A. We have seen this movie already.

B. We has seen this movie already.

C. We have seed this movie already.



Rania has just made a very beautiful handicraft from coconut leaf. Chandra praises her craft and hope that she will win the national competition.

Chandra : “____________________________________.”

I’m sure you will win the national competition.”

Rania : “Thank you. I hope so too.”

A. What is that

B. That’s a very beautiful handicraft

C. I’m glad to hear that

D. You are the winner

E. That’s a very outdated handicraft



Congratulations on your success in winning the speech contest this year. it was avery tough competition. We are so proud of you.

We knew you would make it.We wish you the best always.

Students of VIII D

What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To congratulate someone on his birthday

B. To congratulate someone on his success

C. To inform someone that he was the winner

D. To describe someone’s success in the contest


The following sentence is to congratulate someone

A. alright, see you

B. thanks for coming

C. don’t forget to wear your suit

D. congratulation on your success


Your friend, Dian, has awarded as the best hijab designer of the year. What will you say?

A. You must be kidding me

B. Really?

C. Congratulation! You really deserve it

D. I’m sorry to hear that


A: What is Irfan doing?

B: He is studying. He studies every day.

A: ….

A. He must be tired.

B. Congratulations

C. That’s weird.

D. He’s very diligent.


I have a friend, his name is Nino. ______is a 15 years old.

A. He

B. She

C. Him

D. Her


I ………….. never ……………….. a car before

A. have, had

B. has, had

C. have, have

D. had, had


I can’t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ , Diana?

A. my, their

B. me, your

C. my, your

D. my, yours

E. yours, mine


Manda: I……the students Exchange programme next year.

Kiki : That’s good idea
A. join

B. joined

C. will join

D. am going to

E. would rather join


Dika : I won the competition yesterday

Hendri : Really? That’s very great. Please accept my warmest congratulations

Dika : …..

Hendri : You are welcome

A. Thanks for saying so

B. I hope you say so

C. Oh, don’t mention it

D. That’s very great


Have you … really strange or interesting food?

A. ever eaten

B. never eaten

C. ate

D. eats

E. eating


The following are the expressions of congratulating, except…( kecuali )

A. Please accept my warm congratulation

B. I congratulate you on your success

C. I’m sorry to hear that

D. Congratulations!


X : Do you know her?

Y : Yes, I do. _______ is my cousin from Blitar.
A. He

B. They

C. We

D. She


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