Latihan Soal Remedial PTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10


Farhan : So, how long has it been since the first publishing of your first novel?

Yola : It’s been 3 weeks since then.

Farhan : So, how many copies have been sold this far?

Yola : Thank God. Many people seem to like it very much. Since the first publishing 3 weeks ago, there have been over 500 copies sold.

Farhan : Splendid! I’d like to congratulate you on your success at your first time publishing your novels.

The underlined sentence express?

A. Congratulating someone

B. Giving compliment

C. Persuading someone

D. Giving Gratitude

E. Apology to someone

Will you……..the suspect tomorrow?

A. arresting

B. arrest

C. arrested

D. to arrest

E. not arrest

I …. my homework last week

A. do

B. did

C. have done

D. doing

E. does

Your sister have just graduated from ITB. What would you to her?

A. Congratulation on your wedding !

B. Congratulation on your success

C. Congratulation on your graduation

D. Congratulation on your new baby !

Have you … really strange or interesting food?

A. ever eaten

B. never eaten

C. ate

D. eats

E. eating

Maria: Mom, finally I won the music contest

Mother : …
A. it’s usual thing

B. you must be better next time

C. I’m proud of you

D. do your best

E. thank you

Rendy : Bob, ……… to my classmate, Tom?

Bobby : With pleasure.

Rendy : Tom, this is Bobby, my close friend.

Tom : Hi, nice to meet you, Bob.

Bobby : Glad to meet you, Tom.

A. do you know

B. have you known

C. may I introduce you

D. have you seen

Have you ever ___________ about the Beatles?

A. hear

B. heard

C. hearing

D. heared

Dika : I won the competition yesterday

Hendri : Really? That’s very great. Please accept my warmest congratulations

Dika : …..

Hendri : You are welcome

A. Thanks for saying so

B. I hope you say so

C. Oh, don’t mention it

D. That’s very great

Girl : Did you attend the dance competition yesterday ?

Boy : Yes, I did.

Girl : How was the result ?

Boy : I won.

Girl : Wow, that’s great ! Congratulations !

Boy : Thank you.

What is the topic of conversation ?

A. Greeting a friend

B. Compliment a friend

C. Welcoming a friend

D. Expressing gratitude

E. Congratulating a friend

She _________________ her chores last night

A. has finished

B. have finished

C. has finishes

D. finish

E. finished

I ………….. never ……………….. a car before

A. have, had

B. has, had

C. have, have

D. had, had

How would you congratulate someone who wins a competition?

A. Happy graduation!

B. Congratulations on your promotion

C. Congratulations for winning the competition

D. Happy birthday!

The best expression suitable with the picture is….

A. Happy anniversary.

B. I Wish I were you.

C. Many happy return of the day!

D. Have a blessed Wedding!

The following sentence is to congratulate someone

A. alright, see you

B. thanks for coming

C. don’t forget to wear your suit

D. congratulation on your success

What are you going to do with the shovel?

A. I will water a tree

B. I’m going to cut a tree

C. I’m going to plant a tree

D. I will not plant a tree

Gibran : Look! My father gave me a new shoe.

Mina : Wow! That’s beautiful

Gibran : . . . . . .

A. It’s worst

B. Sorry

C. I don’t care

D. Thanks

I can’t find ___ pencil. Can I borrow ___ , Diana?

A. my, their

B. me, your

C. my, your

D. my, yours

E. yours, mine

A: It is very hot in here.

B: ….
A. i’m going to buy an air conditioning

B. I’ll turn on the air conditioning for you

C. i would like a 4 ton air conditioning

D. I would like to buy a 4 ton air conditioning

Manda: I……the students Exchange programme next year.

Kiki : That’s good idea
A. join

B. joined

C. will join

D. am going to

E. would rather join

A: I have a winner for this competition.

B: Wow , great……….I am proud of you.
A. congratulation

B. good luck

C. happy for you

D. nice

Nina and Ratih are twin, _______face looks a like.

A. They

B. She

C. Them

D. Their

Cavin: “Hi. My name is Cavin. Pleased to meet you ”

Barbara: “Hi Cavin. My name is Barbara ­___________”
A. Good bye

B. Pleased to meet you too

C. See you next year

D. Long time no see you


Rania has just made a very beautiful handicraft from coconut leaf. Chandra praises her craft and hope that she will win the national competition.

Chandra : “____________________________________.”

I’m sure you will win the national competition.”

Rania : “Thank you. I hope so too.”

A. What is that

B. That’s a very beautiful handicraft

C. I’m glad to hear that

D. You are the winner

E. That’s a very outdated handicraft

Pluto: Would you like some more slices of pizza?

Hans: They’re very ……., but I’m full already.

What is the proper word should be?

A. Tasteless

B. Not good

C. Delicious

D. So so


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