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Comparison - Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4

Latihan 8 soal pilihan ganda Comparison - Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 4 dan kunci jawaban.

My aunt is old.

My grandmother is … than my aunt.
A. younger

B. more beautiful

C. cleverer

D. older


Silva is 6 years old and Silvi is 5 years old.

So, Silvi is … than Silva.
A. old

B. older

C. young

D. younger


Tito is young.

Nuri is … than Tito.
A. older

B. younger

C. shorter

D. more beautiful


Look! He is so clever.

What a …!
A. clever girl

B. smart boy

C. clever boy

D. smart man


There are two beautiful girls. They are Mona and Sinta.

But Mona … than Sinta.
A. beautiful

B. beautifuler

C. more beautiful

D. most beautiful


Budi is 167 cm tall. Andika is 174 cm tall.

So, Budi is … than Andika.
A. short

B. shorter

C. tall

D. taller


Look! He is so handsome.

What a …!
A. handsome boy

B. handsome man

C. more handsome

D. boy’s handsome


Look! Salma is so beaufitul.

What a …!
A. beautiful boy

B. beautiful man

C. beautiful woman

D. beautiful girl