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PTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Ganjil SMA Kelas 11


Latihan 30 soal pilihan ganda PTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Ganjil SMA Kelas 11 dan kunci jawaban.

Oliver: Hello, good morning. I am Oliver from Queen corporation. I would like to speak to the HRD Manager please.

Ross: The HRD Manager is not at the office this time, ………………..

Oliver: Please tell him to call me back.

A. Can you wait a moment?

B. Can you hold the line?

C. Can you call me back?

D. Can I write your message?

E. Please wait a minutes



Caller: I would like to speak to the sales manager please.
A. Hello, who’s calling

B. Hello, my name is Eva

C. Hello, may I talk to sales manager please

D. Hello, can I help you?

E. Hi everyone


Situation: You and your friends are on a trip to Pasir Putih beach. However, none of you knows about the route to the beach.

What will be your suggestion?

A. I think we can go home now.

B. What about going to a restaurant?

C. You should open Google Maps application on your phone.

D. You should read the instruction more carefully.

E. Call police!


Anida : I heard that you didn’t past the test. That’s too bad. I’ve told you not to waste your time playing online game.

Diana : I will listen you next time.

It can be concluded from the dialogue that Anida expresses her…

A. Displeasure

B. Satisfaction

C. Suggestion

D. Happiness

E. Doubt


Jamilah: I think our city is saved from the virus, so we can go around.

Ellisa: But I don’t think so,…. Our city is not saved. We must stay at home at least in lock down time.

A. In my opinion

B. She forgets it

C. See you next time

D. You know it

E. I am thinking of the virus


Damar: …. our biology class is so fun and very interesting.

Tania: Yes, you are right I think so too. The biology teacher conveys the lesson interestingly making the classroom atmosphere becomes pleasant.
A. The teacher disagrees

B. Tania agree

C. I don’t like it

D. I think

E. I’m not sure one hundred percent


Rafi: I have a serious problem today. I have just lost my driver license.

Sifa: Don’t be so sad, my friend, let us search it around the park.

Rafi: I have looked for it for hours, but I could not find it. Do you have any suggestion?

Sifa: You should tell the security to announce it to other students.

Rafi: Yeah, that sounds good. I do hope it helps.

Which sentence that shows asking suggestion?

A. Don’t be so sad, my friend.

B. I have just lost my driver license.

C. You should tell the security.

D. Do you have any suggestion?

E. That sounds good.


Jake: Rose, what do you think of my chocolate cake?

Rose: It’s so delicious! I really love this cake!

Jake: I’m so pleased

In the dialogue, Jake is….

A. Giving advice

B. Asking for an opinion

C. Requesting for gift

D. Giving baker cake

E. Asking for help


Dahlia: Jennifer, would you like to give me an opinion about my poetry?

Jennifer: Of course! I think you should use attractive themes and titles. It would be great poetry.

Dahlia: Thank you very much, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It’s okay

The dialogue above tells us that Dahlia is….

A. Make a wish

B. Asking for sing a song

C. Waiting for help

D. Sharing an opinion

E. Asking for an opinion


Yons: Do you think I should study tonight?

Romi: I am afraid I can’t help you. Decide it by yourself!

The underline expression shows that ….

A. Your roommate gives you some advice

B. Your roommate warns you

C. Your roommate asks for some advice

D. Your roommate refuses to give you some advice

E. Your roommate is very helpful


Situation: Linda is working on her homework, but she finds some difficult questions.

What will you suggest her?

A. I think you should stop studying.

B. Maybe you can sleep now.

C. What if you drink to refresh yourself?

D. What about going to your friend’s house to study together?

E. Let’s forget it!


Caller: Hello, I’m Evelyn. May I speak to Edward please?

Receptionist: I’m sorry I don’t catch your name, …………….?

Caller: It’s E-V-E-L-Y-N.

A. Who am I talking to

B. Who are you

C. Can you spell your name

D. Can I write your message

E. Can you hold the line


Drue: May I know what do you think of my short story?

Julia: It’s a good story, but I suggest changing the title with an interesting title.

Drue: Nice opinion. Thanks, Julia.

Julia: Anytime, Drue!

From the dialogue above between Julia and Drue, Julia is…

A. Giving order

B. Asking for an opinion

C. Asking for attention

D. Giving an opinion

E. Giving hands


Caller: Hello I’m Karen from Lotty the Italian restaurant………….

Call Receiver: I’m sorry that extension is busy at this moment.
A. May I speak to that extension?

B. Could you connect me to the extension 24?

C. Do you know the extension 24?

D. I’ll connect you to extension 24.

E. Please help me right now.


Liana: Film of Kartini it’s so inspiring. And what do you think about the inspiring film of Kartini?

Bram: I think…………………….
A. Thank you, Kartini

B. You forget Kartini’s day

C. I can’t hear you call Kartini

D. I love Kartini’s film it’s so inspiring me

E. Let’s go


I miss my grandparents. What …………………… I do now?

A. Better

B. Had better

C. Should

D. Did

E. Do


…. children should be taught from an early age to be independent and responsible.

A. In my opinion

B. They want to learn

C. You can’t believe

D. He totally understands

E. Do you think that


Dessy: Hello, you’re calling Dimensi Bahasa Inggris. How may I help you?

Daryl: Hello, I’m Daryl from DBI Corporation, I would like to speak to Mr. Nizar please.

Dessy: Mr. Nizar is having a guest this moment. He will be able 10 minutes later. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Daryl: No, thanks. I will call him later.


A. Would you like me to tell him that you called?

B. Would you like to leave a message?

C. Thank you for calling Dimensi Bahasa Inggris.

D. You are welcome

E. Can I write your message?


Tiara: Hello, Ericsson Telecommunication. Can I help you?

Pino: I would like to speak to Mr. Ericsson please.

Tiara: …………….. you will be speaking with him in a sec.

Pino: Thank you.

A. Just a moment please

B. I’m sorry, he is busy at this moment

C. Can you call back in five minutes

D. Would you like to leave a message?

E. Can I write your message


Justin: Next week We will have a long holiday. So, on your holiday what are you going to do Yoona?

A. I don’t know where I go

B. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you

C. This is not your business

D. I have nothing to do

E. I’m thinking of going to Jogja


Caller: Hello, my name is Daryl.

Receptionist: Hello, ……………. Can I help you?
A. Who is speaking?

B. I’m your receptionist

C. Thanks for calling DBI Corporation.

D. DBI Corporation

E. May I leave a message


Bintang: After school Herman feels very tired and he gets dizzy.

Sonia: I think …. And if it’s not necessary he doesn’t leave the bed.

A. You must go to school

B. You have to take him to the hospital

C. He should lie down and have bed rest time

D. She would take rest

E. He can see the doctor now


Abu: What shall I do today?

Boy: ………….we go to the library.
A. Shall I

B. Let’s

C. Why don’t

D. Would you

E. How about


Caller: Hello, this is Neezar ……….. could I speak to Mrs. Dessy please?

Receptionist: Sure.
A. I’m from Dimensi Bahasa Inggris

B. May I leave a message

C. Who am I talking with

D. Hello my name is Daniel

E. Can I help you?


James: This day is Mother’s Day and I want to give her my painting. When you look my painting what do you think about my it?

Ron: It’s so beautiful and amazing, and I think you must develop your painting talent to a professional level.

James: That’s opinion sounds great. Thank you for your opinion, Ron.

Ron: It’s my pleasure.

From the conversation about painting, Ron is….

A. Asking a time

B. Giving an opinion

C. Asking for a gift

D. Giving a lot of hands

E. Asking for his help