Latihan Soal - SD/MI - SMP/MTs - SMA

Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SD MI

Preview soal:

 i love ….
a. dog    
b. rabbit   
c. sheep

Mira feels pain in her stomach.
She gets a ….
a. stomachache
b. earache
c. eye shore
d. headache

I buy some medicine at the ….
a. drugstore
b. butcher
c. herbalist
d. vendor

Danu : “What time is it?”
Dika  : “ It is ….”
a. A quarter past nine  
c. A quarter pas ten
b. A half past nine  
d. Fifteen to ten

Kucing berada di atas meja. The english sentences is ….
a. The cat is on the table
b. The cat is under the table
c. The cat is behind the table
d. The cat is inside the table

She is … in my class. So that many boys like her. (paling cantik)
a. the most beautiful
b. the more beautiful
c. the most handsome
d. the youngest

 Citata : “… I open the window?”

Ivan : “Yes, please!”

a. Am

b. May

c. Were

d. Was

Doni : “What is your mother, Niko?”
Niko : “My mother is a doctor.”
Doni : “Where does she work?'”
Niko : “She works at the hospital.

Niko’s mother works at the ….
a. hospital
b. school
c. office
d. restaurant

Our parents are ….
a. father and mother
b. brother and sister
c. grandfather and grandmother
d. son and daugther

This is a  ….
a. Book
b. Table
c. Chair