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Latihan Soal Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 6

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 6

Mulai Latihan :

Bandung is located is …
a. West Java
b. East Java
c. Central Java
d. Banten

The doctor works in the ….
a. school
b. garden
c. market
d. hospital

The opposite of south is …
a. south west
b. south east
c. west
d. north

Devi is clever. Ayu is clever. Devi is … Ayu.
a. as clever as
b. as clever
c. more clever
d. cleverest

Amanda always gets the first rank in her class. She is the … student in the class.
a. clever
b. more clever
c. cleverest
d. cleverer

He is … in Kelud mountain.
a. fishing
b. climbing
c. cleaning
d. traveling

Moslems pray in the…
a. mosque
b. church
c. temple
d. airport

Today is Monday. We wear … cap on the flag ceremony.
a. we
b. us
c. our
d. ours

Anita buys two books. It is Rp. 15.000,00. She gives twenty thousand rupiahs to the cashier. Her change is ….
a. Rp. 5.000,00
b. Rp. 6.000,00
c. Rp. 7.000,00
d. Rp. 8.000,00

Pukul sepuluh lebih dua puluh menit
The English sentence is ….
a. It is twenty past ten
b. It is tweenty to ten
c. It is ten past twenty
d. It is ten to twenty

His bedroom always neat and clean
The indonesian sentence is ….
a. Kamarnya selalu rapi dan indah
b. Kamarnya selalu rapi dan bersih
c. Kamarnya selalu indah dan bersih
d. Kamarnya selalu kotor dan berantakan

A : “Whose ring is that ?”
B : “That ring belongs to Yusi. That is …
a. his
b. hers
c. yours
d. theirs

Nonik is … in the bed room
a. sleeping
b. eating
c. traveling
d. swimming

is – Mr. Ahmad – a – dentist
The correct order is ….
a. Dentist is a Mr. Ahmad
b. Mr. Ahmad a dentist is
c. Mr. Ahmad is a dentist
d. Is Mr. Ahmad a dentist

Dina : “What time does she go to bed?”
Ayuk : “ She goes to bed at …… “
a. A half to six 
b. A half past six
 c. A half past nine
d. A half past ten

Rani : “Can you give me a candy?”
Maya : “…., of course.”
a. Yes
b. No
c. Please
d. Don’t

A : “Wow ! Is it … toy car ?”
B : “Yes, it is my toy car.
a. me
b. you
c. my
d. your

Majapahit was a … long time.
a. village
b. country
c. district
d. kingdom

The capital city of East Java is ….
a. Bandung
b. Surabaya
c. Semarang
d. Medan

I have a new robot. It is … robot
a. me
b. my
c. mine
d. your

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