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Latihan Soal Ujian Semester 2 (UAS/UKK) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 4

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Semester 2 (UAS/UKK) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 4

Mulai Latihan :

It is ninety thousand rupiahs
The price in number is ….
a. Rp. 9.000,00
b. Rp. 19.000,00
c. Rp. 90.000,00
d. Rp. 900.000,00

Doll is a ….
a. Game
b. Toy
c. Play
d. Food

Mereka suka bermain layang-layang
The english sentences is ….
a. They like playing rope skipping
b. You like playing kite
c. They like playing doll
d. They like palying kite

These are tool to playing football, except ….
a. Shoes
b. Ball
c. Pencil
d. Goal

Roni : “Do you like playing card?”
Bagus : “No, ……..”
The correct answer to complete the sentences is ….
a. I Do
b. Yes, I do
c. He do not
d. I do not

Two thousand and seventeen
The Indonesian sentences is ….
a. 2018
b. 2017
c. 2020
c. 2027

I buy a kilogram of aple in the ….
a. Bookstore
b. Shoes store
c. Hospital
d. Fruits store

a bunch of flower . The indonesian sentences is ….
a. Sepotong daun
b. Seikat mawar
c. Seikat bunga
d. Sepot bunga

These are games, except ….
a. Hide and shake
b. Skipping rope
c. Reading book
d. Snake and ladder

Ibu pergi belanja ke pasar
The english sentences is ….
a. Mother goes shoping to school
b. Mother goes cooking to market
c. Mother goes reading to home
d. Mother goes shoping to market

 Rudi’s hobby is …..
a. Football
b. Playing doll
c. Playing kite
d. Playing toy car

We are playing snake and ladder.
Snake and ladder in Indonesian is ….
a. Petak umpet
b. Lompat tali
c. Ular tangga
d. Monopoli

Mr. Dodi pays Rp. 50.000,00 and he gets Rp. 35.000,00 as the cange. It means Mr. Dodi has to pay ….
a. Thirty five thousand rupiahs
b. Fifty thousand rupiahs
c. Fifteen thousand rupiahs
d. Eighty five thousand rupiahs

 The girl like  ….
a. Swimming
b. Cycling
c. Hiking
d. Reading

Hari ini adalah hari Sabtu
The english sentences is ….
a. Today is Monday
b. Today is Friday
c. Today is Wednesday
d. Today is Saturday

I like playing chess
The indonesian sentences is ….
a. Saya suka bermain kartu
b. Saya suka bermain boneka
c. Saya suka bermain catur
d. Saya suka bermain bola

If you want to playing football, you need a …
a. Doll
b. Ball
c. Basket
d. Catapult

Santi : “What do …. want to buy?
Rina : “I want to buy vegetables.”
The correct word to complete the sentences is ….
a. They
b. Her
c. She
d. You

Andi pay the foods with ….
a. Water
b. Money
c. Clove
d. Paper

1995 in English sentences is ….
a. One thousan nine nine and fifty
b. One thousand nineteen hundred and five
c. One thousand ninty nine hundred and five
d. One thousand nine hundred and ninety five

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