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Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2013/2014

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2013/2014

Mulai Latihan :

What is she?

a. She is a dancer

b. She is a singer

c. She is a driver

d. She is a farmer

Rina : “… are you today?”

Endung : “I am fine, thank you”

a. Where

b. What

c. How

d. When

It is a…

a. hamster

b. buffalo

c. sheep

d. snake

What’s day before Saturday?

a. It is Friday

b. It is Monday

c. It is Tuesday

d. It is Sunday

Mimin : “We can not enter this door… find another one?

Minto : “Ok”

a. Please

b. Sorry

c. Shall we

d. Excuse me

How do you spell M-A-J-A-L-E-N-G-K-A?

a. em-ei-jei-ei-l-en-ge-ke-ei-i

b. em-ei-jei-el-n-ji-kei-ei-i

c. em-ei-jei-ei-el-i-en-ji-kei-ei

d. em-ei-jei-ei-el-en-ji-k-ei-i

Apa warna kesukaan kamu?

Translate into English!

a. What is your favorite color?

b. What is you favorite color?

c. What your is favorite color?

d. What you is favorite color?

Surya : “What can we do at the beach?”

Sodi : “…”

a. Swimming

b. Cooking

c. Sleeping

d. Hiking

The rabbit has long…

a. tall

b. leg

c. ear

d. ears

I will go and I say…

a. good morning

b. good afternoon

c. good bye

d. good night

 Dinda : “How does Maman goes to school?”

Maman : “He… to school by bicycle”

a. going

b. went

c. go

d. goes

Iding : “Can you tell me where west is?”

Dinda : “… That is west”

a. Please

b. Sure

c. Can

d. No

Piping : “… glass do you like?”

Mimin : “I like the white glass”

a. Which

b. What

c. Where

d. Why

Who is she? She is my… (mama/ibu)

a. mom

b. father

c. sister

d. aunt

Look at the picture below!

They are…

a. reading

b. playing

c. listening

d. dancing

Minto : “How are you?”

Sendi : “… feeling well”

a. I am

b. I

c. You

d. You are

X : “… tables do you have?”

Y : “I have two tables”

a. How many

b. How

c. What

d. How much

X : “Where is that?”

Y : “That’s in the…”

a. library

b. classroom

c. bank

d. mosque

What is duck in Bahasa Indonesia?

a. Kepiting

b. Angsa

c. Ayam

d. Bebek

The students borrow book in the…

a. library

b. laboratory

c. office

d. school garden

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