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Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2014/2015

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2014/2015

Mulai Latihan :

Teacher : “What is five times five?”

Students : “…?”

Teacher : “What is five times five?”

Students : “Twenty-five!”

a. So sorry

b. Repeat

c. Me

d. Pardon me

Mr. Teten : “… mind if I come to your class?”

Mrs. Ela : “Of course not”

a. Are you

b. Do you like

c. Do you

d. What you

Father : “Can I have a bowl of soup?”

Mother : “All right, Here…!”

a. I am

b. you

c. some

d. you are

Teacher : “Where do you live?”

You : “I … in West Java”

a. lived

b. living

c. live

d. lives

Uncle : “… I have a bottle of coca-cola?”

You : “All right Here it is”

a. Do

b. Are

c. Can

d. Am

Mrs. Dera : “Hello, good morning! I’m Dera… ?”

Yani : “Hi, my name’s Yani”

a. What’s your name

b. My name

c. How are you

d. How do you do

 Look at the picture below!

Erni : “What picture is it?”

Mirna : “It is a…”

a. mount

b. mountain

c. mountainous

d. beach

Mrs. Yuyun : “How… your mother?”

Naomi : “Very well”

a. are

b. does

c. do

d. is

This is a place where mother usually cooks meal.

It is…

a. yard

b. bedroom

c. livingroom

d. kitchen

My father has mother. She is my…

a. son

b. daughter

c. grandfather

d. grandmother

You : “… like to take it, please?”

Mrs. Nana : “Of course”

a. Will you

b. Would you

c. Could you

d. Can you

Have a cake!

Terjemahan kalimat di atas dalam Bahasa Indonesia adalah…

a. Mempunyai kue

b. Membuat kue

c. Cicipi kuenya

d. Kirim kuenya

Miranda : “… you help me, please?”

You : “Of course”

a. Would

b. Can

c. May

d. Do

 Your friend : “My uncle was sick”

You : “…”

a. I am sorry to hear that

b. I am not so well

c. I am glad to hear that

d. I am happy to hear that

Mother : “Do you like to cook with me?”

You : “No,…”

a. I don’t

b. I am not

c. I have

d. I do

Mrs. Susan : “…, students!”

Students : “My pleasure”

a. Sorry

b. How are you

c. Where are you

d. Thank you

Your teacher : “… you agree?”

Student : “I do”

a. Do

b. Are

c. Does

d. Do

You : “… I help you?”

Mrs. Nana : “No, thanks”

a. Will

b. Would

c. Could

d. Can

There… some kinds of fruit. They are rambutan, mango, avocado, etc

a. are

b. is

c. have

d. has

The principal is in front… the class

a. of

b. in

c. on

d. at

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