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Latihan Soal Ujian Semester 2 (UAS / UKK) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 3

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Semester 2 (UAS / UKK) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 3

Mulai Latihan :

Santi is hungry. She wants to ….
a. Eat
b. Drink
c. Sleep
d. Play

Ayahku suka nasi goreng. The english sentences is ….
a. My father like fried nodles
b. My father like fried chicken
c. My father like fried rice
d. My father like fried meat

Buah jeruk rasanya manis
The english sentences is ….
a. The grapes tastes sweet
b. The orange tastes salty
c. The banana tastes sour
d. The orange tastes sweet

Father puts motorcycle in the garage
The Indonesian sentences is ….
a. Ayah meletakkan motor di halaman
b. Ayah meletakkan meja di ruang tamu
c. Ayah meletakkan sepeda di teras
d. Ayah meletakkan sepeda motor di garasi

Nazwa very like ….
a. Potato
b. Spinach
c. Eggplant
d. Corn

The day before saturday is ….
a. Friday
b. Sunday
c. Monday
d. Wednesday

Mereka adalah keluarga saya
The english sentences is ….
a. They are my brother
b. They are my family
c. They are my friend
d. They are my children

These are things in the bedroom, except ….
a. Mattress
b. Bed
c. Motorcycle
d. Pillow

Month – is – this – October
The correc order is ….
a. This is mont October
b. This month is October
c. This October is month
d. Month this is October

is – my – monday – holiday
The correct order is ….
a. Holiday is my monday
b. Monday is holiday my
c. Monday is my holiday
d. My holiday monday is

These are fruit, except ….
a. Aple
b. Banana
c. Grapes
d. Corn

Ini adalah sebuah bantal
The english sentences is ….
a. This is a pillow
b. This is a chair
c. This is a blanket
d. This is a clock

Father and mother is my ….
a. Children
b. Parents
c. Brother
d. Friend

Want -I – drinks – tea – to – ice
The correct order is ….
a. I want drinks to ice tea
b. I to want drinks ice tea
c. I want to drinks ice tea
d. I want to drinks tea ice

Mr. Budi is My father. So, Mrs. Budi is ….
a. My mother
b. My grandmothers
c. My sister
d. My Uncle

Vegetable in Indonesia is ….
a. Sayuran
b. Minuman
c. Vitamin
d. Bergizi

Monday, tuesday , …… , thusrday.
a. Wednesday
b. Sunday
c. Friday
d. Saturday

Aufa goes for a month
a month in Indonesian is ….
a. Seminggu
b. Sehari
c. Sebulan
d. Setahun

Sigit : “Today is sunday. What day after today?”
Ayuk : “After today is ….”
The word to complete the sentences is ….
a. Tuesday
b. Monday
c. Friday
d. Wednesday

Star fruit – Do – I – like – not
The correct order is ….
a. I do not like star fruit
b. I not do like star fruit
c. I not like star fruit do
d. Do not star fruit like I

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