Latihan Soal - SD/MI - SMP/MTs - SMA

Latihan Soal Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap (MID / UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 2

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap (MID / UTS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 2

Mulai Latihan :

…. eats grass
a. Chicken
b. Cat
c. Cow

Rio : “Good afternoon, Dina”.
Dina : ” …. “.
a. Good morning
b. Good night
c. Good afternoon

To watch time, we can see ….
a. the clock
b. the picture
c. the wall

Nina : ….
Maya : I am from Jakarta
a. Where are you from?
b. What is your name?
c. Where do you go?

The students have a flag ceremony. They wear ….
a. cap
b. flag
c. belt

This is name of animal ….
a. rose
b. horse
c. house

We can borrow the …. in the library
a. bag
b. book
c. uniform

Niko will sleep. His mother says ….
a. Have a nice dream
b. Good morning
c. Good luck

I wear …. to school
a. t-shitr
b. uniform
c. dress

These are things in the bedroom, except ….
a. bolster
b. pillow
c. stove

This is a name of vegetable ….
a. grape
b. deer
c. spinach

The children play marble in the ….
a. yard
b. river
c. Kitchen

These things are in the class, except ….
a. blackboard
b. chair
c. bike

This is a name of colour ….
a. cat
b. red
c. dog

We can see many ships in the ….
a. air port
b. harbour
c. train station

There are …. months in a year.
a. three
b. ten
c. twelve

The bird can ….
a. swim
b. fly
c. run

I am hungry. I want to ….
a. drink
b. sleep
c. eat

Nando helps Dino. Dino says ….
a. sorry
b. thank you
c. good luck

I wear hat on my ….
a. neck
b. hand
c. head

Silahkan Pilih Mode Soal:

Cara Menggunakan : Baca dan cermati soal baik-baik, lalu pilih salah satu jawaban yang kamu anggap benar dengan mengklik / tap pilihan yang tersedia.

Tips : Jika halaman ini selalu menampilkan soal yang sama secara beruntun, maka pastikan kamu mengoreksi soal terlebih dahulu dengan menekan tombol "Koreksi" diatas.