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Latihan Soal Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 3

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Semester 1 (UAS) Bahasa Inggris SD / MI Kelas 3

Mulai Latihan :

Do you know a rattle snake?
It is a wild animal
It has a long body
It is poisonous
It can run fast.
We can find it in the dessert

The text is about a
a. wolf
b. tiger
c. snake

A …. is explaining the lesson in the classroom.
a. teacher
b. farmer
c. carpenter

A : “What animal has trunk?
B : “It is a …. .”
a. goat
b. horse
c. elephant

a – that – tiger – is
The correct order is ….
a. That is a tiger
b. That is tiger a
c. A tiger that is
d. Is that a tiger

Forty nine in Indonesian is
a. Empat sembiilan
b. Empat puluh delapan
c. Sembilan belas
d. Empat puluh sembilan

Bu Ayu adalah bibiku
The english sentence is ….
a. Mrs. Ayu is my uncle
b. Mrs. Ayu is my aunt
c. Mrs. Ayu is my grandmother
d. Mrs. Ayu is my nephew

t – e – n – o – w – t – y – e – n
The correct word is ….
a. Twenty two
b. Thirty one
c. Twenty one
d. Thirty nine

Apakah ini seekor kuda?
The English sentence is ….
a. Is this a dog?
b. Is this a Giraffe
c. Is this a horse?
d. Is this a cat?

What part of the body is it ?
a. Leg           
b. Head           
c. Hand           
d. Stomach

This is a bag
The indonesian sentece is ….
a. Ini adalah sebuah keranjang
b. Itu adalah sebuah bola
c. Ini adalah sebuah bendera
d. Ini adalah sebuah tas

Anita : “Can a …. run fast?
Bian : “Yes, it can.”
a. turtle
b. frog
c. horse

A …. likes to eat banana.
a. monkey
b. cat
c. crocodile

is – pencil – your – this – ?
The correct order is ….
a. Is this pencil your?
b. This is your pencil?
c. Is this your pencil?
d. Pencil your is this?

Every Monday, The student have a …. in the school yard.
a. exercise
b. experiment
c. flag ceremony

Nose, eye and ear are part of our ….
a. Body
b. Leg
c. Stomach
d. Head

What number is it?
a. Twenty eight       
b. Eighty two       
c. Two Eight       
d. Twenty nine

We smell something using our ….
a. tongue
b. earts
c. nose

Putri: “What does your sister like to play?”
Linda : “She likes to play doll.”
Putri : “Where does she play doll?”
Linda : “In her bedroom.”

Linda’s sister plays doll in the ….
a. library
b. terrace
c. bedroom

A: What is a mouth for?”
B: “It is for…
a. speaking
b. hearing
c. smelling

Bayu sedang belajar
The English sentence is ….
a. Bayu is reading
b. Bayu is swimming
c. Bayu is singing
d. Bayu is studying

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