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Latihan Soal Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2016/2017

Preview Soal Acak Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SD/MI 2016/2017

Mulai Latihan :

Who is in the classroom? She is…

a. Sinta

b. classroom

c. twenty desks

c. holding

Mother : “Can you cook fried rice?”

You : “…”

Mother : “Please try!”

a. I do

b. I am

c. I doubt

d. You doubt

Look at the picture below!

My parents and I … going to garden.

a. is

b. was

c. were

d. are

Keep going!

Terjemahan kata tersebut dalam bahasa indonesia adalah…

a. Selamat!

b. Lindungi!

c. Lanjutkan!

d. Diamlah!

Mother : “Don’t… the fire!”

You : “All right”

a. sit

b. write

c. water

d. touch

Tecaher : “… to collect the postcard!”

Student : “All right.”

a. Don’t

b. Forget

c. Don’t forget

d. Excuse me

Mother : “Can I… a loaf of bread?”

You : “Here you are.”

a. do

b. has

c. have

d. does

Rina : “… did you go to London?”

Ramzi : “Yesterday.”

a. Why

b. When

c. Where

d. What

Look at the picture below!

Fitrah and Ujang are… football.

a. dancing

b. singing

c. playing

d. painting

You : “…, I can’t help you.”

Teacher : “That’s all right.”

a. Thank you

b. I am sorry

c. I am home

d. You’re welcome

Listen to the radio!

Terjemahan kalimat di atas dalam Bahasa Indonesia adalah…

a. Dengarkanlah radio itu!

b. Belilah radio itu!

c. Juallah radio itu!

d. Bawalah radio itu!

Dudung : “… dou you go to school?”

Deden : “On foot”

a. Where

b. How

c. Which

d. What

Shop keeper: “… oil do you want to buy?”

You : “One kilogram.”

a. How old

b. How far

c. How many

d. How much

Anisa : “… mind if i phone you?”

Mr. Edi : “Yes, I do.”

a. Were you

b. Did you

c. Do you

d. Are you

Look at the picture below!

Mother : “Let’s go to …!”

You : “OK.”

a. shorts

b. the mount

c. market

d. the beach

 Citata : “… I open the window?”

Ivan : “Yes, please!”

a. Am

b. May

c. Were

d. Was

Cinta : “…!”

Didin : “Good afternoon.”

a. Good afternoon

b. Good morning

c. Good day

d. Good evening

Leon : “…, sir!”

Mr. John : “You’re welcome.”

a. Thank you

b. Happy to see you

c. I’m really sorry

d. See you

 How many desks in the classroom?

a. Ten

b. Twenty

c. Thrity

d. Forty

Mother : “… is the bank?”

You : “Beside the market.”

a. When

b. Who

c. Where

d. What

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