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I’m capable ___ using this software.

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Do you know Isyana Sarasvati? She is a very famous singer from Indonesia. She is pretty and very talented. Her full name is Isyana Sarasvati. She is usually called Isyana. This beautiful lady was born in Bandung, West Java, on May 2, 1993. Her parents are Sapta Dwi Kardana and Luana Marpanda. Isyana, the Taurus girl, is slim. She is only 50 kg and 165 tall. She has a long smooth beautiful hair. By glimpsing, she looks like a korean star. Talking about her personality, Isyana is kind of introvert girl. She seems very quiet. But actually she is friendly enough to people. Talking about her passion in music. Isyana likes jazz, RnB, pop, and soul. She also can play piano, saxophone, and violin. That’s fantastic. What do you know about her song? Isyana is being famous because of a very romantic song entitled “Keep Being You” and “Tetap dalam Jiwa”.

From the text above we know that,….

A. She can’t play musical instruments

B. She is a famous and talented singer

C. She dislikes jazz and RnB

D. Isyana is an extrovert girl

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