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I’m capable ___ using this software.

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The hunters were after Freddie the fox. He flew across the fields in terror, until he saw a wood-cutter returning from woods. “Please help me!” Freddie gasped. “Go and hide in my hut there,” replied the wood-cutter. Freddie looked out of the hut. He saw the hunters stop and ask the woodsman if they had seen a fox.

“No,” said the tree-cutter loud enough for Freddie to hear, but as he spoke he pointed his finger towards the hut.

Luckily for Freddie, the hunters didn’t notice this and rode away. The fox slipped out of the hut to run home. “Aren’t you even going to say thank you to me for saving you?” Asked the wood-cutter as Freddie went past him. “I would have done,” replied Freddie. “but I saw how you tried to betray me.”

Who chased after Freddie?
a. The wood-cutter
b. The lion
c. The other fox
d. The tree-cutter
e. The hunters

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