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★ Some vs. Any

I don’t like ______one in my office. They’re all horrible.

a. some

b. any

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The Hares were so persecuted by the other beats. They did not know where to go. As seriuos they saw was single animal approah them off the rein. One day they saw a troop of wild horses tand feeding about.And quite a panic all the hares cuddled up to a lake near by determined to drown themselves rather than live in such as a continual sate of fear. But just theyve got near the bank of the lake. a troop of frogs were frightened by the approach of the hares, hoped off and jumped into the water. Truly! said on the hares beings are not as bad as they have seen.

Narrator: Fourteen, who persecuted the hares?

A. Other beast

B. The Water

C. The frogs

D. A lake

E. A horse

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