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SMA Kelas 10 / UH Sosiologi Bab 1 SMA Kelas 10

Pernyataan di bawah ini merupakan manfaat mempelajari sosiologi, kecuali ….

A. sosiologi dapat memberikan pengetahuan mengenai pola-pola interaksi sosial yang terjadi dalam masyarakat.

B. sosiologi mampu mengkaji status dan peran seseorang dalam masyarakat.

C. adanya kepekaan dan kekritisan menghadapi gejala-gejala sosial.

D. adanya keuntungan secara materiil.

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Grammar › Lihat soal

A simple sentence is made of:

A. Subject, noun and predicate
B. Subject, verb and predicate

Ujian Tengah Semester 2 Genap MID UTS Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10 › Lihat soal

In the olden times there was a king who was so cruel and unjust toward his subjects that he was always called the Tyrant. So heartless was he that his people used to pray night and day that they might have a new king.

One day, much to their surprise, he called his people together and said to them, “My dear subjects, the days of my tyranny are over. Henceforth, you shall live in peace’s and happiness, for I have decided to try my rule henceforth justly and well.”

The king kept his word so well that soon he was known throughout the land as The Just King. By and by one of his favorites came to him said, “Your Majesty, I beg you to tell me how it was that you had this change of heart towards your people.

And the king replied, “As I was galloping through my forest one afternoon, I caught a sight of a hound chasing a fox. The fox escaped into his hole, but not until he had bitten by the dog so badly that he would be lame for life. The hound, returning home, met a man who threw a stone at him, which broke his leg. And the horse, starting to run, fell into a hole and broke his leg. Here I came to my senses, and resolved to change my rule. ‘For surely,’ I said to myself, he’s who does evil will sooner or later be overtaken by evil.”

Which of the statement is TRUE?
a. The king was chased by a fox.
b. The king’s behavior never changed
c. The man was thrown with a stone by a hound.
d. The king’s subjects hated him when he was a tyrant.
e. In the olden times the king was loved by his subjects.

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