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★ Some vs. Any

I have never seen ____ like that before.

· a.anything

· b.something

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How to Use a Hand Mixer

1. Make sure that the mixer is unplugged and the speed is on low before you insert the beaters.

2. Plug the mixer using your cable to the socket. Also, it is time to place the beater into a bowl.

3. Slowly use the speed control button to set your desired speed. Start with 1 and then slowly increase it to your desired speed.

4. When you are done mixing, make sure to turn the speed down to low before you unplug the mixer.

5. Unplug the mixer by pulling the cable off from the socket.

6. Eject the beater that you installed. Each mixer has a different procedure of removing beaters. Read your manual to understand your method. Make sure that the speed is set to 0 before you try this step.

What is the goal of the text?

A. How to use a hand mixer

B. How to use a microwave

C. How to use a rice cooker

D. How to use a blender

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