Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs 2012/2013

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Mulai Latihan :

From the text, we can se that ….

A. the commite will not attend the diaolgue

B. every student of the departement is invited

C. the dialogue is only for special students only

D. there has not been any change on the dialogue schedule

What is the main idea of pargraph 2?

A. The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence.

B. The boy did not lose temper afther hammering the fence.

C. It was easier to hold temper than to drive the nails.

D. The boy did his father’s suggestions to control his temper.

The first paragraph is about ….

A. A short biography of Dr. Mohammad Hatta

B. The struggle of Mohhammad Hatta againts the Dutch

C. The education of Mohammad Hatta in dutch School

D. The story of the struggle of Indonesia people

45. A. surprisingly      

      B. accidentally  

     C. perfectly

     D. confidently

What does the text tell you?

A. Traditional cuisines of Solo.

B. Lia’s grandparetnts’ house

C. The Kusunanan palace.

D. Fun holiday in Solo

44. A. ballon              

      B. flash              

      C. bulb

      D. glass

What is mainly discussed in the text?

A. Housing complexes.

B. Motorcycle taxi.

C. Alternative transportasion.

D. People’s initiative.

The timetable showed that ….

A. the route Onkhaluk – Thalalonkkleay has one trip

B. there are eight routes from Bangkok to other cities

C. the longest distances is Bangkok – Chantaburi

D. the cheapest fare is route Bangkok – Rayong

Where did Lia go on Wednesday?

A. Taman Jurug

B. Tawangmangu

C. Grandparents’ house

D. Kusunanan palace.

This text for the following question.

What the text mean?
A. Watch out! This tool can be corrosive if you touch it.
B. Remember! This material is made of corrosive subtance.
C. Be careful! The material can harm you.
D. Don’t touch the hand! It can damage your property.

43. …

A. brougth                        

B. tried  

C. played           

D. showed

“Lighty beat the eggs…” (step 1)

       The underlined word means ….

A. crack          

B. mix            

C. fry              

D. cook

46. A. teacher                         

      B. janitor

      C. doctor

      D. chef

The route that ha the earliest time to Bangkok is ….

A. Bangkok – Chantaburi

B. Bangkong – Rayong

C. Bangkok  – Kanchanaburi

D. Bangkok – Kamphaeng Phet

“….until it is lightly scrambled…” (step 2)

     The underlined refers to ….

A. oil                          

B. rice

C. salt

D. egg

“….., hopefully you will understand ….”

The underlined word refers to all ….

A. students in the Arts and sciences Departement

B. students in Notheastern University

C. Undergraudates in Arts and sciences Departement

D. students of Arts and sciences and committe

How much rice do we need in this recipe?

A. 1 teaspoon 

B. 2 tablespoon                      

C. 3 cups

D. 4 tablespoon

What is the main idea of paragraph three?

A. Tips for ojek passengers.

B. Law for motorycles passengers.

C. The begining of ojek service.

D. Ojek service’s converage area.

“…. because it originated in warm …” (paragraph 3, line 10)

The underlined word refers to ….

A. the flower              

B. the species 

C. the soil

D. the leaf

What is the moral massage of the story?

A. Simplcity leads to a good thing.

B. Misery makes everything better

C. Simplicity leads to a misery.

D. Misery leads to suffering.

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