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Mulai Latihan :

girl: i really made a mistake
boy: what about?
girl: i have broken your pen
boy: that pen? oh no.
girl: …

what does the girl probably respond?

a. i’m sorry to hear that
b. i really appreciate it
c. i do apologize
d. i love that pen

the text mainly talks about …

a. the oldest instrument
b. the popular instrument in Italy
c. the guitar now and then
d. the history of guitar
e. the origin of guitar

“they live in a cramped condition most of their time” (paragraph 3)

the underlined word is closest in meaning to …

a. clean and neat
b. dirty and messy
c. poor and spacious
d. small and crowded
e. large and quiet

What is the text about?

a. the steps to cook in a microwave
b. the steps to use a microwave
c. the steps to heat food in a microwave
d. the steps to operate a microwave
e. the steps to defrost food in a microwave

it can be inferred the next that spruce goose …

a. was antique as it was used for only one time
b. was a prototype of a war cargo
c. becomes an artefact exhibited in california
d. was designed by US soldier
e. was made of less critical material during the war time

Man: where should we take a vacation this year, lets decide soon.
Woman: well, i’d like to go somewhere one about the beach or we could ride a cabin by the lake
Man: i think going to the lake much be better
Woman: ok, dear!

What have they decided?

a. to enjoy the holiday on the beach
b. to camp by the lake
c. to go to a sea shore
d. nothing for now
e. to take a vacation by plane

What was the cure for the illness?

a. jungle plant
b. the king’s spell
c. the king’s dream
d. the beautiful flower
e. pond’s water

the red mark should be filled with …

a. old
b. kind
c. passionate
d. wise
e. considerate

What is the monologue about?

a. national disaster mitigation
b. north sulawesi announcement
c. the eruption of mount lokon
d. dangerous area for people
e. volcanic zone for living

What did the princess Dewi Arum find in the jungle?

a. the cure for the illness
b. beautiful lady
c. a lotus flower
d. a rose flower
e. a pond

woman: the weather is so hot today
man: i have got mineral water for you, glass or bottle?
woman: bottle please!
man: here you are
woman: upps! i can’t open this cup

what is the best response to the woman statement?

a. let’s do it
b. may i use it?
c. would you take it?
d. let me do it for you

which of the following information is mentioned on the text?

a. the reason why bethoven was furious
b. the reason why guitar becomes the sources of enjoyment
c. the sounds of the guitar resemble orchestra
d. the reasons why stradivarius could not resist creating guitars
e. the sound of guitar resemble kecapi

“Not only should it promote tourism, but also restrict new development …” (paragraph 4)

the underlined word is closest meaning to …

a. ban
b. open
c. curb
d. limit
e. prohibit

from the viewpoint of those who disagree with tourist industry , who will likely receive the most financial benefit?

a. business owners
b. the local people
c. the local community
d. the local government
e. international hotel owners

a. 4 5 1 3 2
b. 4 5 2 3 1
c. 2 1 4 5 3
d. 2 1 3 4 5
e. 2 3 4 1 5

This electronic devices is a small like low power electricity used. There’s less processing power in a big laptop but its still suitable for a word processing running a web browser and connecting wirelessly to the internet. It is refers to small phone computer such computer having known by there is name including such a note book, a portable, mini note book and also mobile PC. This device will have a slim down operating system, small unusual keyboard, a small unusual screen and a very little storage place.

Which picture goes to the monologue?

its proudly stated in the text that …

a. a new video can be used with a computer
b. the project is partnership with and katmai
c. we can use the new video to shoot bears without going to ther habitat
d. katmai national park has made a video of their bears in nature environment
e. webcams enable us to see bears’ life in nature on a computer or a smartphone

what is the main idea of paragraph 3?

a. singapore shows its commitment in developing the marine tourism sector in the three islands in riau
b. singapore ambassador visited the three islands in riau
c. singapore needs to invest in the three islands in riau
d. anil kumal nayar is the singapore ambassador in Indonesia
e. tourism is the best sector to invest your money in riau

what made holliman’s include “plus a thoroughly modern service department with factory-trained technicians” on its announcement?

a. it informs the readers about after-sell division the company has
b. it describes the characteristics of service department
c. it demonstrates the benefit of buying office supply at holliman’s
d. it emphasizes the characteristic of holliman’s
e. it announces the type of business holliman’s run after the acquisition

what are the factors that make the people agree to the tourist industry?

a. business, finance, culture and infrastucture
b. investment, community building, cultural understanding
c. business, development, investment and social
d. public fasilities, development, finance, social
e. finance, infrastructure, cultural understanding, community development

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