Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2015/2016

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2015/2016

Mulai Latihan :

why does the writer consider circus inappropriate place to live for animals?

a. it resembles the animal’s natural habit
b. it is the place where the animals are tortured
c. it is the place to get public amusement
d. it provides animals bad food
e. it costs animals ill condition

girl: i really made a mistake
boy: what about?
girl: i have broken your pen
boy: that pen? oh no.
girl: …

what does the girl probably respond?

a. i’m sorry to hear that
b. i really appreciate it
c. i do apologize
d. i love that pen

since the snakes are cold-blooded, they …

a. like sucking the cool blood
b. avoid sun-bathing to their skins
c. never sun bathe in the warm weather
d. live on the ground in deserted burrows
e. require the sun’s warmth to heat their bodies

man: there would be an english speech delivered by students during the flag ceremony next monday
woman: really?
man: absolutely, what do you think?

what is the best response to the man question?

a. i believe it can improve the student english skill
b. i assume the flag ceremony is important
c. i like english speeches and raising flag
d. i think i can communicate in english

from the viewpoint of those who disagree with tourist industry , who will likely receive the most financial benefit?

a. business owners
b. the local people
c. the local community
d. the local government
e. international hotel owners

What does the beep signal you?

a. it alerts you that the food is ready
b. it alerts you that the food ready to process
c. it alerts you that the heating is on progress
d. it alerts you that this is the time to enjoy your food
e. it alerts you that the heating process is complete watch mature bears compete for salmon at brook falls (paragraph 2).

the underlined word is the most closely associated to …

a. fight
b. kill
c. hug
d. defeat
e. defend

This electronic devices is a small like low power electricity used. There’s less processing power in a big laptop but its still suitable for a word processing running a web browser and connecting wirelessly to the internet. It is refers to small phone computer such computer having known by there is name including such a note book, a portable, mini note book and also mobile PC. This device will have a slim down operating system, small unusual keyboard, a small unusual screen and a very little storage place.

Which picture goes to the monologue?

for whom is evacuation necessary?

a. the residents living within 2.5 kilometer radius from the mountain peak
b. the people inhabiting outside the dangerous zone
c. the people staying alert with the current situation
d. the villager staying calm while the mountain is erupting
e. the residents having no houses within the dangerous zone

What is the monologue about?

a. national disaster mitigation
b. north sulawesi announcement
c. the eruption of mount lokon
d. dangerous area for people
e. volcanic zone for living

The letter shows Ms. Gonzalez’s strong disagreement with the newspaper’s claim that …

a. children from low-income families do not perform well i the official assessment
b. the poor students in her school fail in the national examination
c. her school only admit students from economically advantaged families
d. many of her students fail because of their parents’ low income
e. low-income children are not as good as high-income children

what are the factors that make the people agree to the tourist industry?

a. business, finance, culture and infrastucture
b. investment, community building, cultural understanding
c. business, development, investment and social
d. public fasilities, development, finance, social
e. finance, infrastructure, cultural understanding, community development

the aim of the text is …

a. to announce the merger of holliman;s and foley’s machines
b. to announce the purchasing of foley’s business machines by hilliman’s
c. to announce holliman’s as a leading office supply store in cheyenne
d. to inform the readers of foley’s business machines
e. to inform the readers of the location and telephone number of holliman’s and foley’s bushiness machines now share

Man: excuse me, is this sit taken?
Woman: bo! please sit down
Man: by the way, whats the announcement about?
Woman: flight take off 505 to denpasar is delayed

What is the man asked the woman when he sees her?

a. he wants to sit down
b. he recognized the woman
c. his plane has been delayed
d. he wants to leave the place
e. he wants to wait for a plane

What did the princess Dewi Arum find in the jungle?

a. the cure for the illness
b. beautiful lady
c. a lotus flower
d. a rose flower
e. a pond

…, a chinese group is demanding that japan emperor return a 1.300-year-old artefact that was allegedly looted by japanese soldiers in the 1930’s (Paragraph 1).

The underlined word is closest meaning to …

a. stolen
b. damaged
c. neglected
d. borrowed
e. taken

foley’s business machines …

a. is given much capital
b. moves to other comfort location
c. sells new product of computer
d. contacts many electronic suppliers
e. is replaced by cheyenne’s leading office supply store

woman: the weather is so hot today
man: i have got mineral water for you, glass or bottle?
woman: bottle please!
man: here you are
woman: upps! i can’t open this cup

what is the best response to the woman statement?

a. let’s do it
b. may i use it?
c. would you take it?
d. let me do it for you

woman: where have you been. i haven’t seen you for two days
man: i have been sick since last sunday. i’ve got a terrible cold

what is the best response to the man?

a. that’s very kind of you
b. how lucky are you
c. i hope you will feel better soon
d. i’m very grateful to you

we know from the text that snakes …

a. do not have claws
b. do not like sunlight
c. have two legs and claws
d. use their legs to climb the tree
e. use their claws to slither a long the ground

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