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Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Mulai Latihan :

what is the best tittle for the next ?

A. The dead baby

B. The baby in a crib

C. The poor crying baby

D. the baby by the river

E. The Newborn baby

Arrange the following sentences into the correct order!

The correct arrangement is ….

A. 1-5-4-2-3

B. 2-1-4-2-3

C. 3-5-4-3-2

D. 4-1-5-2-3

E. 5-1-4-3-2

 ehat the aim of the developing an outstanding lagoon ?

A. To implement the art of high tecnology

B. To explore the glory of the lagoon to the world

C. To attract tourist from all over the world to come

D. To breakdown the popularity of the carribean landscapes

E. To meet the need of the middle East people for recreation

Woman : You know what the deadline for handing my English asignment is today. But I cannot met my English teacher at school. What should i do ?

Narrator : What is the best respond the boy can make.

A. I am very sorry ti hear that

B. If i Where you, i would call her

C. You don’t have to handing over now

D. I Suggest you to obey the regulation

Man : It is your birthday, what do you wish for ?

Narrator : What you say perfect respond of the girl

A. I hope to get the best score in the exam

B. My Mother had no time to cook dinner

C. I never celebrate my birthday

D. It’s lovely cake and i love it a lot

Why is formalin dangerous for huma’s body?

A. Its not food preservative

B. It is a disinfectant for uman beings

C. It is use to preserve biological specimens

D. It is 10% solution of formaldehyde in water

E. it is controled fligly from from the government

Man : May I help you mom ?

WOman : Yes I’m looking for household equipment

Man : We have juices, blenders, rice cookers, dispensers, and irons

Woman : I want a dispenser with hot and cold facility

Narrator : What would the woman buy ?

We can infer from the text that ….

A. Pollsters may mislead people opinion

B. Polls can predict precisely about the voters

C. Polls are an effective way to do a political campaign

D. Voters may have chances to support the winning candidate earlier

E. The more people involved in a poll, the more reliabe the result will be

Woman  : January, row rattan is proces in several product as the use of ,aterial in furniture making. the various pieces of rattan measure seven million up to five to seven centimeter in diameter. from the strain of rattan the skin in use  to peel off to be used as rattan building material. The remaining core of the rattan can be used to various properties in furniture making. ratta is very good material mainly because its light weight, durable, suitable for outdoor use and flexible.

Narrator : Which picture to monologue ?

Who is going to lead this workshop ?

A. Dr. Nitz

B. Dr. Francis

C. Prof. Edward West

D. Professor Shasta Ewing

E. Halpern hotel management

Which of the following is the most suitable title for the text ?

A. political polls

B. General Elections

C. Perfect predictors

D. Reliable Poll Result

E. Enthusiasthic Voters

What is the main idea of paragraph 4?

A. Pollster ask question to similar people

B. Pollster have various ways to get more accurate results

C. Voters are people of similar background and similar regions

D. A representative of variety of people is chosen to ask questions

E. The responses people with similar background and similar regions are reliable

What does Mr. Nagle SK Mr. Sung to do ?

A. To speak with Customer service Supervisor

B. To contact the Departement store

C. To wait for six to eight weeks

D. To ajdust his account balannce

E. To pay his bill immidiatelly

 ” …. It is not a significant food unless such escapes of water endanger land areas by man ….”

(Paragraph 2)

The underline word is closest in meaning to ….

A. ordinary

B. Intensive

C. Sufficient

D. Important

E. Expensive

Fro the text, we know that reservator ….

A. IS anticancer agent and benefit for reducing heart disease

B. Examis grapes and measures of fruits as sample disease

C. Shows the protection for increasing healt and selected fruits

D. Reduces minerals and vitamin in some fruits

E. Protect any fruits from fungal disease

The main idea of paragraph 2 is …

A. The use of internet can be very fatal

B. Internet has some advantages

C. People should not use Internet

D. Internet can make us lazy

E. Internet brings more harm than good

What happened to the company on October 1st 2014 ?

A. It changed its name to softbank telecom Corp

B. It Built futher relationship with japan telkom

C. It developed its company’s infrastructure strength

D. it maximize its digital bussines platform

E. It changed the company’s  president and CEO

What does the writer recommend to the readers?

A. To create a game theory

B. To create one’s dbiography

C. To learn mathematics seriously

D. To agree with the writer’s opinion

E. To watch the film tittle ” A Beatiful Mind”

Woman : you arrrived late again?

Boy : I’m Sorry, Ma’am. The bus had already. left when I arrived at the shelter.

Woman : But you promised that you wouldn’t come late again.

Boy : ….

Narrator What does the boy probably respond?

A. I’m Sorry to hear that

B. I really appreciate it.

C. I do appologized ma’am

D. No problem, ma’am

From paragraph 3, we can conclude that ….

A. Ajiang came a poor family

B. the baby was buried by the river

C. Ajiang’s family lived by taizi river

D. the baby’s spirit would go to a better life

E. Tien-tien’s remains had been buried in the river bank

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