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Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Preview Soal Acak Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 12 Tahun 2015

Mulai Latihan :

Man : Hi! Tina, you look so busy. What are you doing

Woman : I am finishing the report on my research

Man : I did the Research about the cause hearts attack. I did it as my assignment in order to get a scolarship

Woman : Why was the girl busy

A. She is discusing the cause of hearts attacks.

B. She is finishing her report on heart attack.

C.she is finishing her school project

D.She is presenting her assignment.

E.She is looking for a scholarship.

What is one of disadvantages of internet ?

A. it exposes children to violence

B. It helps us chat with our beloved ones

C. It help us communicate from far away

D. It steam our favourite radio broadcast

E. It sends to our E-mail from our smart phone.

Woman : what do you think about my appearance ? I do look OK ?

Man : Well, yes! But you will more look elegance if you wear long black dress.

Woman : Alright

Narrator : What is the dialogue about?

A. The woman’s dress

B. The elegant woman

C. The woman black dress

D. The woman appearance

E. The man’s complaint about the woman

Why is formalin dangerous for huma’s body?

A. Its not food preservative

B. It is a disinfectant for uman beings

C. It is use to preserve biological specimens

D. It is 10% solution of formaldehyde in water

E. it is controled fligly from from the government

What should people do to avvoid the loss of their busines caused by the flood ?

A. Live and work by the body of water

B. place in natural flood plains of river

C. inhabit the areas threatened by flood damage

D. move away from rivers and other bodies of water

E. Seek substance and benefit from cheap and easy travel and commerce

Who is going to lead this workshop ?

A. Dr. Nitz

B. Dr. Francis

C. Prof. Edward West

D. Professor Shasta Ewing

E. Halpern hotel management

Man : I don’t know what to order. I could drink everything on the menu

Woman : Why don’t you try guava juice, orange juice or ice tea

Man : Guave juice sounds good. I’ll taje it.

Woman : I thing i’ll have a big glass of cola foat.

Narrator : What will the woman do ?

A. Take a guava juice

B. Order an orange juice

C. Try an ice tea

D. Order a cola foat

E. Drink mineral bottle water

Man : May I help you mom ?

WOman : Yes I’m looking for household equipment

Man : We have juices, blenders, rice cookers, dispensers, and irons

Woman : I want a dispenser with hot and cold facility

Narrator : What would the woman buy ?

what did the beggar asked for?

A. The cooking pot

B. The stinginess

C. The new place

D. The wealth

E. Rice

 ” …. It is not a significant food unless such escapes of water endanger land areas by man ….”

(Paragraph 2)

The underline word is closest in meaning to ….

A. ordinary

B. Intensive

C. Sufficient

D. Important

E. Expensive

Why did pak pesut asked his family to eat hot rice?

A. The family were hungry

B. It was the last rice they had

C. HE didn’t want the rice to be stolen

D. The rise was still fresh from the pot

E. PAk Pesut wished to share with the villagers

Why is ” A beautiful mind” is regarded ass modern classics?

A. It revolutionizes the mathematical area

B. It tell about life of current famous person

C. It make audience think and feel emotions

D. It tells the story about the role of the protagonist

E. It conveys Ron Howard’s feeling about his creation

23. ….

A. turning

B. Having

C. Changing

D. Getting

E. Enjoyying

 What is the advertis ement about ?

A. How to select a pet

B. Grooming and caring for pets

C. Potograping a cat and a dog

D. A workshop on animal behavior

E. Reviewing the book ” My Pet and Me “

24. ….

A. Sadly

B. Gladly

C. Merrily

D. Joyfully

E. amusingly

what is the best tittle for the next ?

A. The dead baby

B. The baby in a crib

C. The poor crying baby

D. the baby by the river

E. The Newborn baby

Paragraph 3 is about ….

A. Fruits skin is highly concentrated for resveratrol

B. Grapes are fruits for biological experiments

C. The benefical of reseratrol reduce the risk of heart attack

D. Resevatrol is representated by species of vaccinium fruits

E. Fruits ski gives measurements for reservatrol

From the third paraghaph, we impty that ….

A. The world’s largest exiting lagoon is luxurious

B. The lagoon forms and united part of billion budget

C. The largest development features luxury residences

D. the new lagoon offers unrestricted spaces for sport

E. The large recreation spaces create the lowest density development

Woman  : January, row rattan is proces in several product as the use of ,aterial in furniture making. the various pieces of rattan measure seven million up to five to seven centimeter in diameter. from the strain of rattan the skin in use  to peel off to be used as rattan building material. The remaining core of the rattan can be used to various properties in furniture making. ratta is very good material mainly because its light weight, durable, suitable for outdoor use and flexible.

Narrator : Which picture to monologue ?

Fro the text, we know that reservator ….

A. IS anticancer agent and benefit for reducing heart disease

B. Examis grapes and measures of fruits as sample disease

C. Shows the protection for increasing healt and selected fruits

D. Reduces minerals and vitamin in some fruits

E. Protect any fruits from fungal disease

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